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Projects | References

For many years we are active in the yachting industry where we take care of the interior upholstery, production of decorative fabric parts, supply loose furniture and lighting. With pleasure we present the reference list of yachts that are built at Heesen Yachts and to which we have contributed.

2017 2016
M.Y. Home M.Y. Galactica Super Nova
M.Y. Book Ends M.Y. Loyalty
M.Y. Soprano

2015 2014
M.Y. Sibelle M.Y. Galatea
M.Y. Asya M.Y. Monaco Wolf
M.Y. Azamanta M.Y. My Sky
M.Y. Ann G M.Y. Alive
M.Y. Elena


2013 2012
M.Y. Ventura M.Y. Lady Petra
M.Y. Crazy Me M.Y. Lady L
M.Y. Galaxy Star M.Y. Galaxy Plus
M.Y. Secret


2011 2010
M.Y. Satori M.Y. Sky
M.Y. Ariadna M.Y. Petra
M.Y. Aurelia M.Y. Quinta Essentia
M.Y. Serenity M.Y. Air
M.Y. Ice Angel



2009 2008
M.Y. Jems M.Y. Man of Steel
M.Y. Perle Noir M.Y. 1o1
M.Y. For You M.Y. Sibelle
M.Y. Elandess II
M.Y. Agram

2007 2006
M.Y. Sirocco M.Y. Buka
M.Y. Millenium M.Y. G-Force
M.Y. Ilona M.Y. Let it be
M.Y. Sedation



2005 2004
M.Y. Seascape M.Y. Lady Ingeborg
M.Y. Let it be
M.Y. Man of Steel