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Interior Design

Interior design to us is a different story. Often your plan is the basis of what is needed in the interior design advice. We can supplement this with a color scheme, a material plan, lighting plan, and a styling perspective. If you do  not have such a plan is not a problem, because the measuring of your residential location is part of our daily work.

We can help you with making an overall plan. Because only if your home meets what you have in mind, you will find the peace and comfort that you need. Bergers Interiors stands for exclusive living concepts in many styles and atmospheres .




In our showroom you will find a source of inspiration. Furniture, lighting and accessories to carpets and curtains for your living room and bedroom, all in elegant setups, so you can orient yourself. In collaboration with various partners in the field of interior design and architecture, we develop from the taste and style of the customer a personal and exceptional interior. We cordially invite you for a free consult to find out how we can give shape to your plan.

Under references you will find descriptions and photos of recent projects.